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6a00d83451fa5069e20163004c4fc5970d-800wiYou know how young people keep having unprotected sex because they think pregnancy is just this cheap walk in the park? Thank goodness someone is getting around to showing them what’s what in a way that doesn’t involve carrying an egg in your pocket for a week. Pregnancy Text, which “lets you put a baby in your friends’ phones to get them thinking about teen pregnancy,” launches next week.

“Teens have to sign up for the project, which involves answering incessant text messages from a “baby” whose needs range from diaper changing to feeding. The texts are “fun and lighthearted, sassy without being mean,” Ruderman said — key to keeping teens interested. “I know you’re running late bu-GRRGLEBARFFFF. Oops, sorry about your shirt. Rappers spit rhymes, I spit up,” a sample text reads.”

Actually, culturally stale text messages from a sassy baby do sound pretty offputting.

“Yo mom! Your homework looks mad fresh. You know what else is? My diaper!”

“Hey pops, you remember Korn? Read me a story.”

“You go girl! To the crib store that is, because this model was recalled.”

“Oh no, there’s a bug on my stroller! Guess I’m really buggin’”

“Enjoying that new Michael Jackson song? Well I’m the King of Poop!”

The campaign, which is being promoted on’s website and by the nonprofit’s student volunteers, only consists of text messages — there’s no plastic baby, egg or flour sack to keep safe, and the messages stop after 12 hours, when the “parenting” session ends.

The egg I get, but how hard is it to keep a flour sack safe? I have sack of flour in my pantry that’s been there for two months and it’s doing just fine. The last one got some bugs in it, but you live and you learn. Babies sound easy.

I mean whatever works though.

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