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  1. I make my way downtown to a hip Manhattan dog park. In olden times, youths frequented dog parks to relax, drink cocktails, and maybe find a fellow dog owner to take home. No longer. In this brave new world, all of the park goers clutch their phones and swipe furiously through the latest hookup app: Tindog.

  2. Which apps would Emily Dickinson use most?

  3. EmpathyAbroad

    Are you a tourist with a heart of gold? Do you long to see a new country while simultaneously saving a handful of its local residents on your week long vacation? Then this Sean Penn-endorsed app is for you, you business-class hero.

  4. You know how young people keep having unprotected sex because they think pregnancy is just this cheap walk in the park? Thank goodness someone is getting around to showing them what’s what in a way that doesn’t involve carrying an egg in your pocket for a week. Pregnancy Text, which “lets you put a baby in your friends' phones to get them thinking about teen pregnancy,” launches next week.

    “Teens have to…