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I don’t post a lot of music videos or songs or what have you on this website, because I don’t have very interesting taste in music and mostly just play “If You Could Read My Mind” over and over instead of finding out new bands to listen to. But I could not hold myself back from this. This guy is the Tambourine Guy of singers. I have been watching this video at least twice a day for the last two weeks, ever since my friend Ben sent it to me with the caption “May you live every day of your life like this.”

Please note the following things:

1. He dances as if his knees were magnetically attracted to the floor and he can only move them laterally. This is fantastic.

2. He looks like Edward G. Robinson, and also growls like him.

3. He has a square head and he dresses like the budget dude who slept with Liz on that episode of 30 Rock where she had to save TGS by giving up her top front quadrant. This is fantastic.

4. When he pounds his chest, overcome with emotion, you can hear the sound of his fist hitting his ribcage because he strikes it so close to the microphone.

5. He kind of reminds me of Stephin Merritt from The Magnetic Fields.

6. He gets David Letterman excited, that’s how great he is. “Wow!” Dave exclaims. “Hey! How about that! I’ll take all of that you got! Future Islands! That was wonderful!” Do you know how hard it is for the music act to impress Dave? To bring a smile to his withered and hate-furrowed face? DAMN NEAR IMPOSSIBLE is how hard it is.

7. The camera has trouble keeping up with his dance. His dance! HIS DANCE!

I have nothing more to say to you right now. Leave me, laddie. Leave me to my fried egg.

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