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The Female Tear Duct

In women, tears flow from the eyes and excess tears flow through the tear duct into the nasal cavity. The female’s ample and visible tear flow makes it obvious to surrounding males when she is menstruating, unable to engage in fruitful intercourse, and thus may be avoided.
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The Male Tear Duct

In the male, tears are redirected to the salivary glands so that he can spit them out. These salivary tears are filled with testosterone and serve a dual function as a means for other males to assess from scent how they would fare in a fight against the spitting/crying male.

do men cry fig 2DO WOMEN DEFECATE?

The Male Digestive System

In men, food passes fully through the gastrointestinal tract to be released as fecal matter through the rectum. Methane and hydrogen created during the process of digestion is released through the rectum as flatulence.

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The Female Digestive System

Many scientists theorize the female digestive system bypasses the lower intestine entirely by using enzymes to break down food sources and send them back into the bloodstream as attractive things like eyelashes and lipstick.

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