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1. Fleeing The Impoverished, Drunken Countryside For Dublin

2. The Estate Decays

3. A Man Laughs Unhappily

4. We Do Not Speak That Name In These Parts, Stranger

5. The Landlord Pays A Visit But Does Not Sit Down

6. The Boy Sickens


8. Poor In Material Goods But Rich In Sweeping Vistas Of The Hills And Also The Sea, My Son

9. Do You Know What Would Be Very Sad? So Many Things; Let’s List Them All

10. A Series Of Seemingly Unrelated Vignettes That Are Quite Possibly A Dream

11. Looking At A River Well Have You I Remember The Smell Of Her Broach The Day The Ship Sailed I Do Yes I Do Always Have

12. A Funeral Is Ruined

13. Everyone Starts Talking About The Wallpaper

14. A Chapter Written Inexplicably In French Just To Show Off

15. The Hell Sermon From Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man You’re All Thinking Of

16. An Accidental Circumcision Followed By 14 Pages About The Length And Goodness Of The Nose

17. A Friendly Argument With The Vicar

18. The Boy Dies

19. Leaving Out The Back Without Paying, That’s What Old Dad Did Best

20. A Bit In Gaelic Just To Remind You The Author Knows Gaelic

21. The Washerwoman Coughs

22. We Do Not Speak Of The Boy

23. Fleeing Broken, Vice-Riddled Dublin For The Countryside

24. An Insane Man Is Buried Up To His Neck In Ants And Forced To Play Chess With The Devil, Who Does Not Exist

25. Poverty, Failure, Exile and Loss, And The Apple Tree Did Not Bloom This Spring And Never Will Again

26. Conditions Worsen

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