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url-32If you’re new, you can catch up here.

I am so happy you have made it this far with us. You are now free (were you ever hampered in any way) of concerns about spoilers or getting ahead of yourself. Please feel free to talk about any aspect of the novel, but I INSIST we cover the following:

1. Lorraine. A graduate-level seminar on Lorraine. A casting session for Film Adaptation Lorraine (see also: everyone.) All things Lorraine. The inner workings of Lorraine.


3. TiPierre.


5. Oh, God, everything. Mallory (correctly) makes fun of how books are always being described as “searing,” but this is actually a searing book, which is why we need to stop using it as a descriptor for other, less-searing books. I cannot remember the last time I was so shaken by a book, or the last time I read a book so quickly, but still had to set it down for little two-minute intervals while I got myself together. Everything I’ve read since (unfairly) has seemed a little fussy and mannered to me.

If you have questions for Roxane, now would actually be a great time to pose them in the comments! And if you live in Toronto and would like to discuss this book in person with a bunch of neat women and some dudes, you can make that happen.

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