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Jaya Saxena’s previous work for The Toast can be found here.

A baby pug that can’t wake up even after three cups of coffee because it’s raining outside.

A bunny eating a too-large carrot that can’t figure out why “available balance” and “current balance” are different on her online bank statement.

An orphaned otter who spends her mornings cleaning out her Roomba.

A Vine of a little girl in a car seat crying because taxes for freelancers are really fucking confusing.

Mariah Carey in the “Heartbreaker” video when she’s like “What was the deal with the Aaliyah Lifetime movie?”

A picture of a kitten looking confused with “I CAN HAZ STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO SIGNING UP FOR OBAMACARE” written in Impact on it.

A boy falling off his bike who is really skeptical of Uber.

A hippo with a bird on her head who doesn’t understand why she is the only one of her married friends not to change her last name because it’s 2014 and like, statistically it just doesn’t make sense.

A still from Frozen of Elsa underestimating how big of a pot she needed when doubling this soup recipe.

Literally the pink “yip yip” Martian from Sesame Street bored on a conference call that shouldn’t even involve her anyway.

Prince if he were sorted into Hufflepuff.

That scene from Friends where Joey refuses to stop listening to “Shake It Off.”

Katniss Everdeen forgetting her umbrella at yoga class again.

A GIF of a woman getting an idea for a blog post while eating an egg salad sandwich at Lenny’s and typing it out in iPhone Notes.

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