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There are only so many long-running, well-developed female relationships in popular media I know enough about to write Femslash Fridays for, guys. Please enjoy this sketch in the meantime; it’s just the single most important sketch in terms of my development as a comedy writer so it’s no big deal if you don’t absolutely love it.

(“Embedding disabled by request” is the meanest phrase in history; you can watch it here.)

Please find a way to use either the phrase “Re the weekend just past, might I enquire as to whether sir was in receipt of an enjoyableness, or did events prove themselves to be of an otherwise nature?” or “Would sir have preferred that in the sphere of total hair cuttation, I was to him a virgin? The desire that we should both of us embark upon this voyage as innocents, wide-eyed travellers in a foreign land, unknowning of our destination, careless of our fate – to emerge somewhere, some day, bruised, tender, a little sad perhaps, but ultimately and joyously alive” at some point over the weekend. Thank you, and God bless.

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