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No way is this anything in any language!

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“The first line is transcribed into Proto-Norse as either Ek erilaz sa Wilagaz haite’ka or Ek erilaz Sawilagaz haite’ka. This translates to “I am (an) erilaz, I am called the wily” (or “I am called Sawilagaz). If the word in first line is translated as a name, Sawilagaz means “the one of the Sun (Sowilo).” If the word is translated as “the wily” or “crafty one” or “deceitful one,” then it may be related to a byname of Odin or another god.”

I don’t buy that “aaaaaaaaaazzzznn[n]” means anything in any sort of Norse, proto-or otherwise, but if you say so, Sweden.

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