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At Shane Co., you’ve got someone who wants to be more than just friends in the diamond business. At Shane Co., you’ve got someone who knows you. Someone who’s been watching you come into the diamond business for years with people who don’t deserve you.

Only the diamonds deserve you. None of the others have.

You’ve got someone in the diamond business who would hold you the way our unique pavé platinum setting holds our princess-cut stone, a steal at just $575. The others who came in here with you didn’t even deserve to lift the Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet in 14k Yellow Gold to your perfect wrist. It was an insult to beauty, that they were allowed to touch your hands or any of our multi-colored sapphires.

There’s someone in the diamond business, someone who might be closer to you than you think. Someone who is prepared to leave the diamond business behind, if you were willing to take a chance and start over with a new life in a new town with a new name and a sack of untraceable diamonds.

At Shane Co., there’s someone who understands you in a way you didn’t know you could be understood. There’s someone at Shane Co. – someone who you might just see now as a clerk at an affordable jewelry chain, but who with a little time and patience could be so much more – who’s seen you try on our exquisite purple amethyst Forever Yours bracelet for only $99, an unbeatable deal, and knows just what you’re capable of.

You’ve got someone in the diamond business who already knows your ring size. Someone whose love will never tarnish, never bend, never break, just like our 6mm Cultured Freshwater Pearl Endless Strand.

There’s someone who hasn’t been able to stop thinking about you in the diamond business. Someone who aches for you in the diamond business. Someone who can’t keep a up the pretense of being in a normal relationship in the diamond business because Rebecca is nothing compared to you. There’s someone who would rather go to Jared‘s than spend another minute trying to make love to Rebecca with a head and a heart full of you.

Jared’s doesn’t offer the same warranty and breadth of options as Shane Co. Your friend in the diamond business – you’ll never find them at Jared’s. There’s nothing there for you. Your friend is at Shane Co.

You’ve got someone in the diamond business who’s wasted a lot of time already not speaking up. Someone who’s been your diamond friend for years, and is ready for to finally be your diamond something more.


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