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A of everything, get off my case about leaving stuff until the last minute or getting an accountant, I’ve got everything as handled as it needs to be. But more to the point: I cannot be the last person who writes out her taxes by hands and mails them in via actual mail, can I? Because, yes, the Internet, but counterpoint: THEY MAKE IT HARD AS NERF BALLS TO DO YOUR TAXES ON THE INTERNET. You have to get a code or whatever and they make you remember what you paid in taxes last year, which, why would I remember that, I mailed you all of my taxes last year, you’re the ones with all the information.

“Oh, you have to save your taxes somehow, you have to keep them in a file cabinet even though you already mailed them away to the government and have no way of doing so!” Absolutely not. It is enough to ask that I complete both federal and state taxes every year to the best of my knowledge and ability; it is a bridge entirely too far to ask me to write down how much money I mailed to them.

It’s just nicer, by hand! I can do my own math and take my own time and I don’t have to remember another password and sometimes the IRS website doesn’t have the files I need and the walk to the post office does me good, probably.

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