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  1. It's people who are against vaccinating dogs, I should specify, not dogs who are against vaccinations.

    Dog anti-vaxxers, I have learned, hate two things: vaccinations, and taxes.

    "If someone goes up to the kennels and I am not with them, the dogs will bark. I will try and get some videos of the dogs on alert, when I get through with my taxes."

  2. A of everything, get off my case about leaving stuff until the last minute or getting an accountant, I've got everything as handled as it needs to be. But more to the point: I cannot be the last person who writes out her taxes by hands and mails them in via actual mail, can I? Because, yes, the Internet, but counterpoint: THEY MAKE IT HARD AS NERF BALLS TO DO YOUR TAXES ON THE INTERNET.

  3. Sulagna Misra has previously predicted both The Olympics and The Oscars of The Future. This past year, due to graduating with my Master’s degree and moving across the country, my work and living situation was constantly changing, so my taxes were not straightforward (are they ever?) Having severe paranoia about taxes thanks to its use as a trigger word during every political campaign since I was in fifth grade, I’ve done some research…