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lesbians8“Gosh, being a lesbian was such fun. They decided they’d keep being lesbians for a long time.”
The Well of Friendliness, Radclyffe Hall

“What a nice room this is,” David said.
“Thanks,” Giovanni said. “It’s mine.”
Neither of them were publicly executed.
Giovanni’s Room, James Baldwin

The boys swam merrily, and no one was shot to death in the Easter Rising. That’s why the book was called At Swim, Two Boys and not Two Boys, One Of Whom Is Shot To Death During The Easter Rising.
– At Swim, Two Boys, Jamie O’Neill

“How much is the salt?” Therese asked.
“Oh, it’s free,” Carol told her. “Salt is always free for lesbians.”
“Oh, is it?” Therese said. “I had no idea.” The private investigator following them felt so stricken with guilt for getting involved in someone else’s business that he threw his camera to the ground and chose another career immediately.
– The Price of Salt, Patricia Highsmith

“Gene,” Phinny said suddenly, “let’s consummate our attraction for one another instead of knocking one another out of trees.”
“That’s a much better idea,” Gene said. “You see, I was going to knock you out of this tree.”
They had sex instead. It was a much better idea.
A Separate Peace, John Knowles

“I say, Charles,” Sebastian said. “Promise me you’ll never convert to Catholicism or marry a woman.”

“I wish to Christ you’d stop talking,” Charles said. “It makes it an absolute devil to try to finish eating this meringue off of your thighs.”

“Sorry,” Sebastian said.

“And of course I won’t do anything of the sort,” Charles said. “We’re going to open a bed and breakfast somewhere up North, and become beloved neighborhood eccentrics, and host ghastly orgies on pagan holidays.”
Brideshead Revisited, Evelyn Waugh

The band played beautifully, and the Reagan administration responded appropriately and swiftly to the AIDs epidemic.
And The Band Played On, Randy Shilts

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