Signs The Vaguely-Named Building In Your Local Strip Mall Is Actually A Church And Not A Coffeeshop-slash-Art Space -The Toast

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secret churchYou’re a wise and experienced person of the world; you already know what to expect if you drive past a nondescript sandstone building named anything like “Living Water” or “Faith Accompli” or something in Greek when you’re not in the Greek part of town. But sometimes you have to ask yourself: is the vaguely-named building at the end of this strip mall a church? If it’s named anything like the following, it probably is:

  • Cornerstone
  • The Architect’s House
  • The Upper Room
  • Granite
  • Mindset
  • Tesselation
  • Harbor
  • The Vinery
  • Tower
  • Wayfarer’s Junction
  • The Exile’s Respite
  • Tapestrate
  • Pressure Gradient
  • The Craftsman’s Companions
  • Altitude
  • The Cave Door
  • The Builder’s Ridge
  • Aloft
  • PaveMeant
  • The Rock/The Well/Oasis, or any combination thereof
  • Solid Grounds (This one SOUNDS like a coffee shop, because “ground/grounds,” but it ISN’T, the coffee is free but it comes with a heaping helping of CHURCH)
  • The Traveler’s Annex
  • Causeway
  • The Potter’s Guild
  • Fresh Harvest
  • The Wanderer’s Portal
  • The Master’s Distillery
  • Interior
  • The Cobbler’s Tools
  • Core
  • The Workshop
  • Safe Passage
  • The Vagabond Depository
  • ReKindle
  • The Lift Ticket, if you are not in a ski town
  • Storeroom 33
  • The Overture
  • Scaffold
  • Delineate
  • Extract
  • Manifest Station
  • Life In Transit
  • Pinnacle
  • The Foundry
  • Jubileadership
  • Heart Forge
  • Apportionment
  • The Catch
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