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MAN: here comes the airplane!
here it comes! here comes the airplane!
BABY DERRIDA: to pretend, you actually do the thing
you have therefore only pretended to pretend


WOMAN: Peekabo! I see you!
Peekaboo! I see you!
BABY DERRIDA: How can another see into me, into my most secret self, without my being able to see in there myself?


WOMAN: and here is the bunny
do you see the bunny?
BABY DERRIDA: pbthtbhth
WOMAN: can you say bunny?
WOMAN: can you pat the bunny?
BABY DERRIDA: there is nothing outside the text


BABY DERRIDA [crying]: waaaaaauuugghhh
MAN: what is it?
what’s wrong, baby?
can’t you sleep?
BABY DERRIDA: monsters
MAN: monsters? Where?
BABY DERRIDA [points under bed]: there
MAN: do you want me to chase the bad monsters away for you, baby?
BABY DERRIDA: specters of Marx
MAN: i’ll chase the bad specter of Marx out from under your bed
MAN: ok?


WOMAN: goodnight sweet baby
I love you very much
can you say “love you”?
BABY DERRIDA: how can I say “I love you” if I know the love is you?
the word love either as a verb or a noun would be destroyed in front of you

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