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MONK #1: why would anyone hold hands
MONK #2: to protect the tiny witch hiding underneath them writing you a poem



MONK #1: i feel like im running out of room to draw people in this coronation scene
MONK #2: oh no you’re fine
people actually get smaller the more they’re in the middle of things
so youre fine



MONK #1: how’s this crucifixion scene coming along
MONK #2: well
it has SOME wings
MONK #1: but not enough, right
MONK #2: well how else can Jesus flap his blood spears at people if he doesn’t have wings
MONK #1: i guess i thought they just flowed naturally to people
MONK #2: dont be naive



MONK #1: i feel like i cant draw hands
MONK #2: thats crazy
you sound crazy
MONK #1: i mean look at this
MONK #2: hey
you listen to me
hands can be anything you want them to be
MONK #1: okay
MONK #2: hey im serious
MONK #1: okay


Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 2.18.39 PM

MONK #1: hey so uh
i took your advice
about hands and how they can be anything
anyway i drew this
MONK #2: oh wow
MONK #1: do you like it
MONK #2: its definitely a castle with a
guy stapled to it
MONK #1: ahh thank god
i was so worried you wouldn’t ‘get it’
is it TOO OBVIOUS that its supposed to be pope julian
MONK #2: no i think youre good
MONK #1: ok phew
what a relief



MONK #1: ok i KNOW i can do this
hands wise
MONK #2: you definitely can
this one’s a freebie
it’s just other monks
think about what we look like and draw it
MONK #1: ahhh i want to peek but i feel like thats cheating
i honestly cant remember if we have shoulders and chests rn
MONK #2: give it your best guess



MONK #1: how many people would you guess fit in a church
MONK #2: like at a time?
MONK #1: one, probably?
MONK #2: yeah probably one, or almost one but not quite



MONK #1: but like, conversely
a ring could fit most of a hand in it
MONK #2: yeah i mean rings are just bracelets that people move around

so yeah



MONK #1: how much is a woman
MONK #2: like an eighth
MONK #1: ahh tyty



MONK #1: ok i drew you another something
MONK #2: ahhh
MONK #1: do you like it
MONK #2: ahhhh

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