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Madeline Kahn is taking the week off, and I want to re-up Elon Green’s wonderful piece about the greatest, most horrifying episode of the Dick Cavett show in history, when John Cassavettes, Peter Falk, and Ben Gazarra turned up on-set too drunk to discuss the movie they were there to promote.

“I had no idea how long it was gonna go on, whether it was ever gonna stop. If they were ever gonna snap out of it. Most people felt sorry for me, which kind of embarrasses me, because I remember sitting there thinking, I don’twant to come off as the victim of this. The sad thing, Elon, is I could see the faces in the audience. And they were delighted, at first, and then the smiles disappeared.”

The original embedded link is no longer working, but here’s their appearance in three parts:

“John, are you still looking at me?”

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