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Home: The Toast

  • The pocket of my own shirt, where I would be small and safe and warm and protected from wind and dust
  • The inside of a big blue chair, like the meat insides, where all the stuffing and insulation lives
  • Exactly on the place of any furniture where a small dog was just asleep on it so it’s still warm and he’s coming back any minute
  • Inside the orange powder of any boxed macaroni but I am also orange powder, just bright orange powder
  • chest feathers of a bright bird, fluffy chest feathers ONLY not pinions
  • a hamper of only clean but rumpled clothes
  • one of those boxes with all the filed-off needles that you can smush your face on to leave an impression of the shape of your face, you know the kind I mean? so you always have the feeling of those little blunt pins against your skin
  • That hallucinogenic desert from the episode of the Simpsons where Johnny Cash is a space coyote that tells Homer to buy a computer
  • inside QuestWorld from The New Adventures of Jonny Quest
  • Inside of the way a really new penny tastes or I guess also just the penny would be good
  • In a jar that was labeled SAFETY
  • One cloud, but just one, so whenever it broke up I would too
  • Inside Yosemite Sam’s mustache but only after he’s so old it turns white
  • that’s it, bye
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