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Now – even now – I am clutching my armrest in panic on a flight to Sydney (what was that sound, it was probably just the landing gear retracting back into the undercarriage of the plane but what if it was death whispering my name with its metal tongue), and when/if I arrive safely in Australia, please consider coming to see me this week, if you happen to be in Australia.

Okay so FIRST on March 6th I’m doing a talk called THE HAPPY FEMINIST (you have to be happy now if you’re a feminist 100% of the time, heads up, new rule) at 4:30pm at the Opera House, get some tickets here, also earlier that day at 1pm I am on a panel about changing things, hopefully I will say some good stuff.

I’ve never been here! I bet I will have a good time! I hope you also have a good time.

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