Pretty Much All Songs From The 1970s I Think, From Someone Who Was Not There At The Time -The Toast

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  • Babe, I Think I Have Seen A Mysterious Wizard
  • I’ve Been Thinking About An Old Shipwreck, May I Tell You The Tale
  • I’ve Been Warned About This Type Of Party In The Past But Still I Came
  • I Have Specific Instructions About How You Can Non-Verbally Inform Me Of Your Love
  • I’ve Just Learned About The Age-Of-Consent Laws
  • The People Who Wear Scarves And Me
  • There Is Neither Water Nor Women In This Desert, But I Will Not Leave It
  • This Song (Has Got Parentheses In It)
  • The Sad Waitress’ Backstory
  • The Tale Of An Old Crime And A Whole Bunch Of Violins And At The End you Find Out I Was There The Whole Time
  • My Grandmother Says We Have A Relative Who’s Part Cherokee So This Song Is Fine
  • Something About Trains
  • If You Think About It, People Die During War, So You Should Think About It
  • Girl, I Want You To Keep Your Emotional Expectations Extremely Low After This Night of Lovemaking
  • I Exude The Quality Of Funk
  • This Mysterious Woman Sells Potions Out Of The Back Room But What Else Does She Sell, If You Know What I Mean
  • Stay Away From That Girl On The Dance Floor, Her Daddy Has Money
  • Extremely Uncomfortable And Unnecessarily Elongated Euphemisms For Sex, Like “Makin’ It”
  • I’m Too Busy Being On The Highway To Call You
  • No One Is Lonely In A Big City The Way I Am Lonely In This Big City
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