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  1. If I had no other obligations — and if I hadn’t wrecked my wrists a few years back — I would knit all the time; literally fall asleep knitting at night and pick it up as soon as I woke in the morning. (In this scenario I would also have maidens to feed me so I would not have to take any breaks to eat.) But because I don’t live in a fantasy, I mostly knit while

  2. Our resident linguist's previous work for The Toast can be found here. Let's talk about shipping. No, not the transportation of goods over the water, but that feeling when you want a couple fictional characters to smush their faces against each other and never let go. The word ship itself has an interesting enough grammar, not to mention its variants…

  3. Here are the reasons I make an annual trip out to San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC): a) To get my picture taken by multitudes while dressed in costume (cosplaying) as my favourite characters from comics, television, and film. b) To order drinks that match the designer dresses I have no other opportunity to wear while eating delicious, bacon-wrapped, finger-sized appetizers and catching glimpses of celebrities at star-studded parties that I, a weirdo commoner from New Jersey, have…

  4. Sulagna Misra's previous work for The Toast can be found here. Note: This article contains spoilers for Avengers: Age of Ultron. There’s a lot one could say about Avengers: Age of Ultron, but the thought that struck me most often during my 10:30 AM screening was, Why does this feel like bad fanfic?  I turned to my friends in the crowded theater and whispered, “This is bad, right? This is bad writing?” They agreed, laughing at my eagerness to condemn…

  5. Sulagna Misra's previous work for The Toast can be found here.

    This could’ve been an essay about how long and hard it is to get to Javits Center in New York, especially from New Jersey. My train ride, which included fellow NYCC-goers that ranged from adorable braces-wearing teens to adorable adults with shiny neon wigs, gave me ample time to reflect on my last New York Comic Con. Five years ago,

  6. *”A Dialogue” sounds really official like we sat across from each other in our best finery while sipping from mugs of coffee inscribed with our logo but really it was a gchat conversation. It has been lightly edited for clarity. Ezekiel Kweku (Shrill): Hi, Priya. Priya Alika Elias (Wordy): Hi! S: Against my better judgment, and because I wanted to understand nerds better, I revisited an ancient and seminal nerd text: the 1984 teen comedy…

  7. This post was brought to you by a reader. Sulagna Misra's previous work for The Toast can be found here.

    When I first saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I walked out with my head spinning. As my friends and I discussed the movie (it would take a couple more viewings for me to distinguish all the fight sequences), one of my friends asked, “How would he not be incredibly racist

  8. Morgan Leigh Davies' previous work for The Toast can be found here.

    Recently, I slept on the ground for the first time in maybe ten years, and I didn’t do it in a campground in the middle of the wilderness but instead on a small strip of grass in-between a busy street and the San Diego Convention Center, under a fleece blanket with someone I had met around six hours

  9. 1. Daenerys will be introduced to no fewer than twenty new characters, each more critical to the plot than the last. Aggravated over the complicated new names and the glacial pace of her storyline, Daenerys will fly off on Drogon across the narrow sea and burn everyone in Westeros alive. Dany will then sit atop a throne of charred skulls, eating raw meat, giving the finger to the Lord of Light.

    2. Sansa

  10. Shaw, our stalwart young lad, is in first grade. He is the son of a lifelong Doctor Who nerd. Despite never having seen the show himself, Shaw decided to dress like each (pre-Capaldi) Doctor over the course of eleven days. He utilized whatever he could find in his wardrobe to create the costumes. While his father was writing this bio, Shaw had dressed himself as a sailor in order to reenact the adventures of a…

  11. So you’re a twenty-three year old guitar genius whose band is finally making a name for itself, not to mention some money after too many years of subsisting on Top Ramen, PBR, and a prayer. You’re ready to reap the rewards of being fresh and sexy, and harvest the nubile adoration that is yours by virtue of your face-melting musical prowess. The last thing you want to see when you gaze out in the audience…

  12. Watching Game of Thrones is an interesting undertaking if you're a woman who likes women. One the one hand: hey, a fantasy series with lots of distinct female characters who are, on the whole, about as developed as you’re likely to get in a mainstream franchise set in a world that draws a significant amount of inspiration from ye olde chattel days. On the other hand: seven hells, does a lot of woman-hating happen on…

  13. Baseball

    I'm not great at being a baseball fan. I was really, really good at it when I was a kid. As people who were fans of the Montreal Expos go (and there were dozens of us! dozens!), I had pretty unimpeachable credentials: I said individual prayers for the best players, I had a lot of cheap merchandise, we watched every single game on the French channel (the English language sports channel usually didn't bother, and…