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  1. If I had no other obligations — and if I hadn’t wrecked my wrists a few years back — I would knit all the time; literally fall asleep knitting at night and pick it up as soon as I woke in the morning. (In this scenario I would also have maidens to feed me so I would not have to take any breaks to eat.) But because I don’t live in a fantasy, I mostly knit while

  2. For when you feel like wearing your feminism on your sleeve. And also on your head.

  3. As you go about your daily business, kindly be reminded that John Wycliffe's splinter sect the Lollards wrote their Twelve Conclusions in 1395, and that one of them was ARTS AND CRAFTS.

    These conclusions discuss transubstantiation, exorcisms and hallowings, the priesthood, the state of the church, clerical celibacy, abortion, the distinction between secular and spiritual authority, confession, pilgrimages, the Crusades, prayers for the dead, and also arts and crafts.