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I don’t know.

↳ Of course you do, you ridiculous girl. Cast your mind back to the night of April the thirteenth.

The night of the cotillion?

↳ You’re not well-dressed enough to play that stupid with me, child. The evening after.

I did nothing that day.

↳ You did plenty.

The visit to the chateau with Messrs. Grosgrange and Sternbrow?

↳ The very same.

They were merely being polite!

↳ I was not questioning their behavior. I was questioning yours.

But the châtelaine apologized!

↳ If you cannot realize, even at this late moment, that she was apologizing on your behalf, I fear that there may be no hope for you.

But the girl was unharmed!

↳ Something far more important than that girl was damaged that day. Your reputation in good society.

It still doesn’t explain why Lady Marchmonster cut me as I attempted to join the cribbage game before dinner.

↳ That day was not your only error.

But her husband and my father were always the greatest of friends!

↳ Friends?

Father has dined with Lord Mm at his club on numerous occasions!

↳ At his club, certainly, like any common business acquaintance. But when was he ever invited into the Marchmonster home? When were you ever introduced to the family, as a young lady worthy of their notice?

This is ridiculous. Who can remember such arcane and unspoken rules?

↳ It is precisely your lack of respect for the way things are done that prevent you from being accepted as a member of society.

I am received by numerous famili–

↳ I said nothing of FAMILIES, you impudent slattern. I spoke of society. Until you can learn the difference, you had better stay at home.

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