ByDrew Grant

Drew Grant is a culture writer for The New York Observer. Her work has appeared in Salon, BlackBook, Gotham Magazine, The Huffington Post and FuseTV. She's so funny.

  1. If Evan Peters were your boyfriend, you guys would spend the summer outside Florence, at the Villa Medicea di Cafaggiolo. Every day you would explore the Uffizi and come back at night to hold a seance for the ghost of Eleonora di Garzia di Toledo, strangled to death with a dog leash by her jealous husband.

  2. Drew Grant's last attempt at doling out sex advice to our readers can be found here. The Toast does not endorse Drew’s advice, but you can email us if you have questions for her. Don’t, though.

    Dear Drew,

    My boyfriend likes to experiment with kinky sex, but I’m more of a vanilla kind of gal. Last week, he wanted to try a little role-playing, but I felt uncomfortable with the idea of

  3. The Toast does not endorse Drew's advice, but you can email us if you have questions for her. Don't, though.

    Dear Drew,

    I love that my boyfriend has a close relationship with his parents, but going over to their house for the holidays? Not so much. They live out of town, so whenever we visit, we have to stay in his old room, and having his mom around 24/7 kind of kills our sex…