ByElis Bradshaw

Elis Bradshaw owns more workout pants than real pants. She lives in Oakland, California, and sometimes writes stories on Cowbird.

  1. Elis Bradshaw last wrote for The Toast about accidentally taking boudoir photos with her mom.

    Some lucky women are born athletes. I have a friend who runs like a gazelle and transforms into a porpoise when she goes swimming. I am not one of those women, not by a long shot. 

    I spent the first twenty years of my life with my nose planted in a book and my body

  2. Who among us hasn’t fallen prey to the siren song of a group-coupon website? You, in the back, put your hand down, we’re being honest here. For my part, Living Social has introduced me to a few great and several adequate restaurants, a ton of new workout programs, and even a cooking class that my dad and I took together for Father’s Day one year, all of which provided the service I expected, and cost…