ByHayley Inch & Stephanie Lai

It is a truth universally acknowledged that two grouse Ozzie sheilas with bloody arts degrees must be in want of a place to skite about them. Take a squizz at Hayley and Steph on Twitter.

  1. We can all think of actors who aren’t as appreciated as they should be, whether they are consistently stuck in roles that are beneath their talent, their screen persona is chronically misunderstood, or they have become a cultural meme that obscures the true beauty of what they create on that flickering screen.

    In our opinion there is no filmic presence like that of Keanu Reeves. He’s unique, a gift to us all. We live here within

  2. Previously in this series: "Ozten": Pride and Prejudice for Australians Emma Woodhouse, Ems, bright, skilled, with a happy disposition and a preoccupation with jam and her friends and the Great British Bake Off (and its offshoot, the Great Australian Bake Off, filmed in distant Melbourne). She loves knitting and amigurumi, which her great childhood friend Knightley regrets ever mentioning to her after he returned from a trip to Japan, and reaches 22 with a…

  3. MRS BENNET: Someone’s finally moving into Netherfield! ELIZABETH: Really? I thought they were going to tear that down and build a Red Rooster. MR BENNETT: When the sailors come to town you all act like a pack of flaming galahs! No daughter of mine will be going to schoolies on the Gold Coast! But if you're very good, Kitty, in a few years you might earn yourself a Blue Light Disco. ELIZABETH: Bingo has the…