ByHolli Mintzer

Holli Mintzer lives in Mount Rainier, Maryland, with more dresses than is probably good for her. Her short fiction can be found in Strange Horizons and Daily Science Fiction, and her vintage clothing can be found at Polly Sue's in Takoma Park.

  1. Holli Mintzer's Adventures in Vintage Window Shopping column last addressed the vital issue of the princess coat.

    We don’t really think that often about feet. I mean, I don’t. Maybe you do, I’m not judging. But feet are not a thing I think about particularly, and more than that the size of people’s feet is something I very rarely dwell on.

    But it does come up occasionally, for me, because vintage shoes are so goddamn

  2. Holli Michele last wrote for The Toast about running a vintage shop without losing your mind. So, I have a deep and abiding love of midcentury fashion: one that does not extend to wanting to live Back Then. Given a time machine, I'd zip out to 1953 for exactly long enough to go shopping, and then high-tail it back to the era of reliable internet access and slightly less oppressive gender roles. And of…

  3. My love of vintage clothing did not begin gradually. It started with a dress: a perfect 1950s party dress, made of heavy black-and-pink silk, with a row of tiny buttons down the front. It was $15 at Value Village, it was exactly my size, and I knew when I found it that I wanted to dress that way every chance I got. I’m obsessive by nature (I know more about Buffy the Vampire Slayer than…