ByKari Mugo

Kari is a queer writer who was born and raised in Nairobi and spent her formative years in the Midwest. She is a Third Culture Kid trying to find the balance in 3. Her work has appeared or will be featured in anthologies on LGBTQ Writers from Africa and Voices from the Lesbian and Queer Feminine Perspective, as well as on Follow her on Twitter @the_warm_fruit.

  1. Abdul and I, we’ve known each other since he came running toward me one night with open arms and a wide smile, declaring: “It’s so good to see you!” I had never seen Abdul before in my life, but how could I turn down this beautiful, smiling face? I met him midway, for the first of many embraces to follow. Later, we would find many more things connecting us: two young brown queer people from…