ByKatie Naum

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  1. It’s been widely accepted for some time now that the earth is getting warmer, that we humans have quite a lot to do with this, and that this is very bad news for us as a species. Headlines like “NASA predicts the end of Western civilization” don’t exactly reassure anyone on that front, either, since apocalyptic futures are much more fun in fiction than in real life. And so for a lot of people, this…

  2. Your Childhood Home

    This listing is for your childhood home, except that it isn’t your childhood home, exactly. The living room is where it should be, of course, but as you turn around, you suddenly find yourself in your bedroom instead, which isn’t right. Is it? No, you’re right – your bedroom has always been here, one wall missing entirely, with a breathtaking view overlooking a vast and fathomless ocean. Perfectly normal. You…