ByL Bear

L Bear lives in London with two long haired house cats. Once on a camping trip she mistook a nasal spray for an applicator tampon.

  1. L Bear's last piece for The Toast was "His Career Will Be Absolutely Fine: On Telling People About Being Molested" and if you didn't read it then, you should read it now.

    He told her casually, whilst he was washing his hands after dinner, that they could not afford for her to fly back home for a visit. She vomited when he said it, but he said nothing. After the first bout of

  2. My father molested me. He wasn’t the worst molester in the world, or even a particularly dedicated one (his other interests - choir, hiking, his compost heap – got in the way), but he did it and two years ago I told the police. I learned a lot that year. For example, did you know that a sex offender isn’t necessarily charged according to the most current Sexual Offences Act? They’re charged according to the…