By Madeleine Lloyd-Davies

Madeleine Lloyd-Davies works in the comics industry and has a file on her desktop dedicated to notes about V.C. Andrews.

  1. This post brought to you by a reader who had been making tiny donations over time without realizing he was entitled to sponsor a post! Truly an American hero. On January 15th, the world lost its oldest living professional wrestler. Her name was Johnnie Mae Young, and she died yesterday, after having wrestled in every decade since the 1940s. I’d always assumed that wresting was sweaty macho bullshit, and when people talked about wrestling…

  2. I. A note on the title Many of you are probably familiar with the idea spearheaded by Gail Simone of “women in refrigerators” in the comics industry. Simone and several others noticed that it really seemed like all the female characters in comics were coming to violent and often degrading ends. The name comes from Alex DeWitt, girlfriend of Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, who is murdered and stuffed into his refrigerator by a crime syndicate.

  3. You may have heard the phrase “body horror” used to describe a genre focused on producing terror and disgust by doing gruesome things to bodies. A lot of V.C. Andrews’s work falls into this category. Physical discomfort is a huge part of her work. There's a lot of painful childbirth and missed meals. And who can forget the scene in Flowers in the Attic when Cathy wakes up to find her grandmother has covered her…