ByMaria Pinto

Maria Pinto was once called a dark horse by someone she trusts to judge that sort of thing, and thinks the phrase is just as pretty as "cellar door." Her recent work has appeared or will appear in Bartleby SnopesThe Missing SlateLiterary Orphans100 Word Story, and elsewhere. She was an Ivan Gold Fellow at The Writers' Room of Boston, in the city where she lives. Her debut novel is in search of a home. She is working on her second. 

  1. It’s raining again and Danni wears a slicker out the door to catch the trolley. No longer their door, just hers. A homeless woman who has become a landmark of Danni’s mornings gibbers to herself from the piss-reeking trolley shelter. She and the woman are always the only black people at the stop. It starts to rain harder, but no one will risk the smell or the woman’s possibly volatile company to sit in the…