ByMeghan M. Williams

Meghan Williams is a former military contractor, former homeschooler and current writer living in Austin. Her #1 piece of advice is do as many embarrassing things as you can now, so you can write about it later.

  1. Before I was baptized at Westminster Presbyterian in upstate New York, I cried uncontrollably. When my parents asked what was wrong, I wailed that I didn’t want to be “bad-tized,” I wanted to be “good-tized.” I was three years old.

  2. 1. When you wear a home-made, puffed-sleeve, colonial-esque, lace-front dress, styled after your Felicity doll, to every Bible study your mom attends in the 3rd grade and wonder why the other kids aren’t taking your suggestion to form a Harriet-the-Spy spy club seriously. 2. When you realize the hand-me-down jeans you’ve been proudly wearing for all of 5th grade belonged to your male cousin, not your female cousin. No wonder the crotch area…