ByNancy Jooyoun Kim

Born and raised in LA, Nancy Jooyoun Kim is a graduate of UCLA and the MFA Creative Writing Program at the University of Washington, Seattle. She’s a former managing editor of The Seattle Review, blogger for The Kenyon Review and nonfiction editor of The James Franco Review. She now lives in the SF Bay Area, where she's working on a novel, as well as personal essays.

  1. At a time when it is being proposed that hundreds of billions be spent to uplift Negroes and other minorities, the nation’s 300,000 Chinese Americans are moving ahead on their own, with no help from anyone. --“Success Story of One Minority in the U.S.,” U.S. News and World Report (1966) Can we all get along? Can we get along? --Rodney King on the third day of the LA Riots, after the acquittal of four police…