ByNichole LeFebvre

Nichole LeFebvre won The L Magazine's Literary Upstart competition and was published in their 2013 Summer Fiction Issue. Her writing has also appeared in Gigantic Sequins, Necessary Fiction, and She grew up in Western Massachusetts, lives in Brooklyn, and lives online @nickylefe.

  1. The X-rays showed glowing orbs like my anklebones held ghosts. I was ten, and thought, Maybe I’m haunted. From that day on, in a sense, I was: haunted by hollow plastic twins, translucent white things that stood up, waiting, when I peeled them off to shower. I got leg braces, just in time for middle school. Needing braces was another vague “leg problem” I’d accrued since birth: dislocated hips, fractured growth plates, bone spurs, arthritic…