ByNicole Walker

Nicole Walker’s Quench Your Thirst with Salt, released in June 2013, won the Zone 3 Award for Creative Nonfiction. She is the author of a collection of poems, This Noisy Egg, and edited (with Margot Singer) Bending Genre: Essays on Creative Nonfiction and (with Rebecca Campbell) 7 Artists, 7 Rings: an Artist’s Game of Telephone for the Huffington Post. A recipient of a fellowship from the National Endowment from the Arts, she is the nonfiction editor at Diagram and Associate Professor at Northern Arizona University, where she will host the 2015 NonfictioNOW Conference.

  1. Chickens are contained, caged, squished, bred, anti-biotic’d, fed other chickens. They put the word “processed” right on the package. Chickens are turned-out, rendered, butterflied, quartered, fileted and tendered. The genetic acrobatics it took to go from red guinea fowl from Peru to two legs and a breast in your KFC meal is a testament to the human capacity to transform the world to suit us. Chicken suits us all. It’s the number one meat cooked for dinner.