By Soniah Kamal

Soniah Kamal's debut novel is An Isolated Incident. She is also an essayist, literary critic and book reviewer. Find her at and on Twitter @soniahkamal. She is a Paul Bowles Fellow and the recipient of the Susan B Irene Award.

  1. Liberty market, a crescent-shaped open air mall, was a five-minute drive away from our house in Lahore, Pakistan and contained two of my favorite places, the bookstores Iqbal Books and Book Gallery. Book Gallery, an airy, one-story establishment, was at one end of the crescent. It housed every Enid Blyton imaginable and so, like all English-medium-educated Pakistanis, I read my way up the Blyton ladder, from Enchanted Forests and Dreadful Children to Malory Towers and…