ByTope Fadiran & Jessica Luther

Tope Fadiran is the founder and editor of Are Women Human?, a space for queer feminist and critical race analysis of religion, media, and pop culture, and a contributing editor at Racialicious. Follow her on Twitter at @graceishuman. Jessica Luther is a journalist who mainly writes on sports. And she just really loves tennis, like a whole lot. Find her on Twitter at @scATX.

  1. Previously in this series: If Vin Diesel Were Your Boyfriend If Serena Williams were your girlfriend, you would automatically gain +20 skill points in any sport. If Serena Williams were your girlfriend, you wouldn’t have to unload the dishwasher or wash dirty pots before cooking dinner, because she already did. Much like in tennis, she is always anticipating what’s coming and wants to make sure you aren’t stressed doing the things you love. If…