ByWill Butler

Will has written for The Atlantic, NPR Music, and VICE. He is on Twitter.

  1. I’ve never shot a gun, but imagine I’d be really good at it. Though I may have trouble identifying your face from a few feet away, I’m also really good at most games where you aim at a target – games that some people assume require things like “visual acuity,” “depth perception,” or even “practice.” Can I get a gun?

    I may be blind, but hold your fire. I will shark you on

  2. You judge people with your eyes. That’s a private theory I developed as a teen, after losing much of my own eyesight.

    Everyone has an internal scale; an intelligent but subconscious apparatus that weighs human intentions, beyond what you simply see in a person. The idea is that, if you’re in touch with your innermost feelings, you can size somebody up fairly – even a stranger. The idea for me was radical, magnanimous, genuinely…