Scare Yourself Silly

  1. Lucia Peters' previous work for The Toast can be found here. There’s a story out there with the deliciously bizarre title of “The Noise Coming from Inside Children.” Written by a little-known author by the name of Ed Kann, it’s widely considered by those who have read it to be one of the most disturbing pieces of fiction ever conceived. It didn’t drive anyone mad just because they read it or anything; it did,…

  2. When The Outer Limits debuted on ABC in 1963, one of the most iconic and troubling opening sequences ever to hit television appeared on our screens for the very first times. “There is nothing wrong with your television set,” it told us.

  3. You’re ten years old. You’re at your best friend’s birthday party, a sleepover this year: An important rite of passage for any child. Even though you were all instructed by the parental units to go to bed no later than ten o’clock, you’ve stayed awake for hours afterwards, tucked into your sleeping bags and laughing with another in the dark. Out of the sea of pillows drifts a solitary whisper: “Let’s play Bloody Mary!” A…

  4. Most recently in Scare Yourself Silly: Robert the Doll. Have you ever been to Calgary? If you haven’t, you should go. But don’t limit yourself to the usual tourist attractions. By all means, take advantage of the wonderful arts and culture and that permeate the city – but know this, too: Beneath it all lies something else. Something different. Something just a tiny bit… off. There is, for example, a wall in the…

  5. Most recently in Scare Yourself Silly: The Himuro Mansion. He is four years old when the doll comes to him. It is a gift from his family’s maid, a girl from an exotic place called The Ba-ha-mas (the word means little to him; after all, he is very young). The doll is dressed in a sailor suit and carries a small toy of its own, a stuffed lion; its face bears an expression…

  6. If you’re anything like me, you love a good ghost story—the weirder, the better. Have you heard this one yet? In a forest just beyond the city of Tokyo, Japan, there is a house. It’s an impressive property, with several outbuildings surrounding the main living space and a wide expanse of land; but though it’s vacant, you won’t find it in any real estate listings. It’s known as the Himuro Mansion, and the things the…

  7. Previously on Scare Yourself Silly: Boothworld Industries.  Let’s play a little game. You’ve probably played it before; it’s called “Two Truths and a Lie.” Can you guess which of these three news stories are true and which is false?


    1. A group of university students were shocked to find that a stranger had taken up residence in the basement of their off-campus home without their knowledge.