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  1. Top keywords for this week’s Buttered offerings: ‘Artisanal,’ ’Rich and creamy,’ ‘Hand-churned by our sleek, muscle-bound writers.’

  2. If you were to look at me now and knew nothing of my history, you would never believe I’ve ever been overweight. You would assume that I have no intimate knowledge with the struggles many women experience trying to attain and keep their ideal weight. But my appearance is misleading.


    I’m on a diet. I’m always on a diet. I’ve spent a great deal of my life since the age of 14…

  3. Let me give you some numbers that I’m supposed to guard with my life. I’m 5-foot-3-inches and somewhere north of 300 pounds, though I couldn’t tell you exactly where. I’m a U.S. size 28/30, but getting dresses that fit off the rack is a pain in the ass because my hips are seventy inches around but my bra size is a 46B. I am not a little chubby. I am not a few pounds over…

  4. “…my crew don't mind it thick (Uh-uh)/ Every woman ain't a video chick (Nah)/ Or runway model anorexic/ I love what I can hold and grab on…” Posdnuos, “Baby Phat” by De La Soul

    In the south, we're known for appreciating a "thick" woman, and for a very long time, I was upset that I didn't have the hips, ass, and breasts my people lift in praise. My mother

  5. As far back as I can remember, I’ve had a complicated relationship with self-confidence. When I was very young, people in church lobbies and in long grocery store lines would often smile and jokingly ask whether I was wearing eye makeup, and compliment my thick eyelashes and eyebrows. I said thank you because that was what I had been told to say, but I didn’t care much one way or the other. The most important…