1. I have a lot of issues with the people on Tiny House Hunters. I’m not even that against living in Tiny Houses! Lots of people feel too entitled to too much space on this crowded planet of ours

  2. In no particular order, and don't get cocky. I'm just giving credit where credit is due.

  3. Growing up is just a cumulative series of realizations that don’t stop until your brain does. I realized I was an atheist when I was fourteen. I realized I was asexual when I was nineteen. And I only started to realize the connections between the two when I was 28.

  4. Adopting the label of “polyamorous” comes with enough raised eyebrows. When I am ordered to give something like an impromptu PowerPoint on “what that means,” the owners of the raised eyebrows are inevitably sorry they asked, as the confusing addition of “solo” requires its own entire presentation.

  5. This is the second in a three-part series. Part I, on HPV, can be found here.

    Name: Herpes Simplex Virus, HSV-2, genital herpes

    Science Facts: a double-stranded DNA virus

    Prevalence: 15-16% of adults in the US (around 25% in women, 12% in men)

  6. Let's learn all about HPV together! We will not learn why people make stuffed toys of sexually-transmitted diseases (probably to educate the young) but life is a rich tapestry.

  7. [Pete and Alice are having sex] Pete: “I want you!” Alice: [whispers in his ear] “You'll never have me.”

    - Lost Highway

    Of all the terrifyingly true things David Lynch has said, this rings the loudest bells for me: “Sex is a doorway to something so powerful and mystical, but movies usually depict it in a completely flat way…” He’s dead right. Despite the ubiquity of sexual imagery and objectified women,

  8. Hello there! It's me again, critical darling and flawless director Paul Verhoeven. Every movie I make is perfect, yes, thank you for noticing! I was at my weekly canasta game with Luc Besson and John Woo, and we were all relating to each other the sort of things we like to yell at our actors while the camera rolls.

  9. Spin My sophomore year in college, I attended a study-abroad program in a tiny cobblestone city in Tuscany that was so beautiful I thought it was pretend. The streets were narrow and lined with churches and cathedrals and museums; every ceiling was painted with stories; every wall molded into gargoyles and cherubs. At its center was a football field-sized square called Piazza del Campo where everyone met up, drank in the culture, and in my…

  10. lol i have unLOCKED SEO with this post already, just gonna watch the pageviews roll in No, let's be serious, though! I have a lot of opinions on having sex after you have a baby, and now you get to hear them. Let us begin with a brief litany of disclaimers: 1. I don't know your life. 2. There are a billion emotional and psychological aspects to having sex after giving birth which this post…

  11. "Gosh, being a lesbian was such fun. They decided they'd keep being lesbians for a long time." - The Well of Friendliness, Radclyffe Hall "What a nice room this is," David said. "Thanks," Giovanni said. "It's mine." Neither of them were publicly executed. - Giovanni's Room, James Baldwin The boys swam merrily, and no one was shot to death in the Easter Rising. That's why the book was called At Swim, Two Boys and not…

  12. I have no evidence for any of this, other than my own conscience. May God judge me. James Bond It is statistically plausible, if not probable, that over the long and varied course of his sexual career, James Bond got pegged at least once. Probably by May Day or Xenia Onatopp, but honestly, you can't always tell just by looking at a woman whether she's pegged somebody. Keep your mind open to the evidence, is…

  13. Women only love men with CROOKED SMILES, a man who smiles with his mouth all in a straight line might as well be DEAD; a male smile should resemble nothing on earth so much as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Lombard Street, a lightning bolt, a scarecrow with a broken neck, or two palm trees leaning against each other to form a big "X"

  14. DAY ONE Traveled through time today. Not quite sure how it happened, but here I am. Have decided to remain faithful to my husband, David. DAY TWELVE Three of the rough-around-the-edges prospectors here have volunteered to guide my coach back to the Colorado River and perhaps, from there, civilization and the chance to return home. At various points throughout the evening, each one of them pressed a copy of their room key into my hand…

  15. I sat at the bar with a man I’ll call Ian sipping whiskey as he explained me to me.

    “You are a woman of passion,” Ian said. “I get you.” And then, as if maybe I hadn’t gotten it fully, he repeated himself, “I get you.” 

    I was of two minds: laugh in his face or ask him for more. I couldn’t decide which impulse to follow so