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  1. The West has a storied history of taking from India.

  2. You are an 18 year old girl and in love with a 40 year old man. Everyone thinks this is fine.

    Shrill violins do not bother you.

    You are a beautiful, demure widow.

    If you are a man, you own one of three outfits–a kurta set, wide-shouldered and garishly patterned double breasted suit, or a tight leather jacket under which you are bare chested. Any one is appropriate for

  3. On a late November evening in Moscow, Idaho, my boyfriend and I are on our way to dinner. I have requested that it be at our local Thai restaurant because that’s the closest thing I can get to Indian food in our tiny university town. I can already taste the explosion of fish sauce, duck meat, peppers, pineapple, and basil. The anticipation makes me optimistic, even though the evening is the color of ash and…