ByRohin Guha

Rohin Guha is an editor at The Aerogram. His writing has appeared at Jezebel, XOJane, Fusion, NPR, and others. He was once dubbed "The Gay World's Answer to Maya Angelou" by the blog Queerty. He lives a few towns over from Detroit, where he is hard at work on his debut essay collection.

  1. The West has a storied history of taking from India.

  2. Rohin Guha's previous work for The Toast can be found here. BRB, setting up my biodata Tick tock tick tock. There is no technicolor line of cousins and relatives lined up and dancing at my wedding to bombastic bhangra. We are Bengalis; our weddings are somber affairs. That’s not why, though. The cousins and relatives who exist in my periphery–and seemingly only when there is a wedding or a funeral that brings us together–don’t…

  3. Rohin Guha's previous work for The Toast can be found here.   "[E]ven though I knew nothing about Peach in terms of stats or character besides her princess status, the mere fact that she offered me the chance to play through the game as a girl felt like such a novel idea that I picked her immediately." --Kate McCallister, "Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Peach" When was I eight years old,…

  4. There is a singer. Her name is Lady Gaga. Have you heard of her? She did that one song that goes "rah-rah-rh-ah-ah" and the other one that goes "pa-pa-pa-poker face." But this palaver isn't entirely about her. It's about this other singer. Perhaps you've heard of her? Christina Aguilera? She has a song about finding out who you really are deep down inside that was once in a Disney movie. I was singing that song…