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  1. When you’re 18 and diagnosed bipolar after years of struggling with keeping your emotions in check, it’s hard to find a hero to relate to. I didn’t find mine till I was in my mid-twenties, and by then I’d learned to cope with the stigma that can come along with being bipolar. But just because I could often cope didn’t mean I didn’t want someone to look up to, someone who could take what could be perceived as…

  2. Previously in this series.

    Your household is stunningly average.

    The same goes for your entire family aside from one eccentric relative who’s always up to something kooky.

    Your parents don’t like when you visit that relative for extended periods. You’ve never figured out why ... until now.

    You’re easy to read.

    There’s something peculiar about your neighbor/best friend/substitute teacher/piano instructor/school crossing guard/primary care physician/babysitter/county

  3. Previously in this series. Your peer group has associate members. You have something called a Kid Kit filled with toys that you present to children with regularity, but it isn’t creepy. You hide candy in absurd places in your bedroom, but you do not have an ant problem. Each of your adventures starts with a recap of who your friends are, what they look like, and their job in your organization. You and your…

  4. In a perfect world, Hawkeye would be everyone’s favorite superhero. Both Hawkeyes—Clint Barton, the original Hawkeye, whose tragic upbringing didn’t turn him into a brooding Bruce Wayne but rather an endearing screw-up with a love for strays and commitment issues, and Kate Bishop, a sharp-tongued but level-headed young woman whose insecurities ring far truer than those of the superhumans surrounding her—are exemplary characters, worthy of their own titles and roles in the Marvel cinematic universe.

  5. I was 21 years old when the laser treatments began. It wasn’t entirely surprising. I’d had trouble with my teeth for well over a decade. Thanks to genetics and, I suppose, rotten luck, two of my adult teeth never came in after I lost my baby teeth in the first couple years of elementary school. This isn’t a rare condition—I know multiple adults who still haven’t filled the gaps in the backs of their mouths—but…