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  1. Previously on Femslash Friday: The Young Avengers. Star Trek's greatest appeal, if you talk to the nerds who are really into it, is its bold embrace of a post-scarcity structure. In Star Trek, technology has allowed humanity to earnestly and fully eliminate sexism, racism, poverty, even extreme weather disasters or pollution. Every single structural problem on Earth is truly gone forever, they're all really gone, and now humanity is doing the only thing…

  2. I am going to keep this relatively short, because it involves two things that, at times, have limited circles: Star Trek and LGBT things.

    Deep Space Nine is the gayest Star Trek.

    I say this as a queer male, not as someone who uses that word like junior high school kids use it. After all, I became quite used to a particular homonym for French cigarettes and bundles of sticks in my youth,