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  1. Previously in this series: If Will Graham Were Your Boyfriend If Ms. Pac-Man were your girlfriend, her kisses would taste like Sprite. Each kiss would remind you of summer nights in the 1980s, which is weird because you don't really remember those, you were too young. But every time your lips touch hers, you would distinctly recall driving past your high school while Journey played on the radio, the wind blowing through your hair, and why…

  2. Evan Johnston's previous work for The Toast can be found here. James Joyce wore a milkman's uniform. Georges Simenon had his lumberjack shirt. Emily Dickinson had her Patriots jersey. Dante had his lucky crocs. Every writer has a uniform, even if it is just a uniform of the mind. But this is my writing regalia, and I am compelled to tell you of its many inspiring qualities, as I have had many coffees and…

  3. You probably didn't even KNOW about Helga the Bundt Cake.

  4. OH, MAN. Doing book design work looks ROUGH.

  5. Evan Johnston draws every kind of book you see on the "STAFF RECOMMENDATIONS" shelf at the bookstore.

  6. The imagined reinvention of the self!

  7. Hullo, old thing! Been a frightfully long time. Don't suppose I've seen you since that school play in sixth grade. Sixth form, rather. Well done,  by the by, simply a smashing performance. I truly believed that we were Sherlock Holmes, standing in front of that classroom, our pipe full of bubbles, just like in the cartoons . . . Ah, were we ever so young? And quite the deduction, finding the Blue Carbuncle after all it had…