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  1. Your hair is immaculately slicked back, except for a single curl that falls over an eyebrow. Your left eyebrow.

    You have an unusually attractive cigarette lighter you cannot stop fingering. It is mother-of-pearl.

    You offer a crying woman your handkerchief, but there is no sympathy in your voice.

    Why, you'd do anything for your friends.

  2. You are fourth- or fifth-billed in the credits but have so far contributed almost nothing to the A- and B-storylines.

    In episode 2, you had a throwaway line about a beautiful member of the opposite sex not being your "type," a line that has now taken on a strange significance.

    You are a younger brother who stands to inherit nothing.

  3. Previously: Code words for lesbianism in classic films. If you hear any of the following words or phrases used to describe a male character in a movie made before 1970, odds are good that they’re trying to tell you about a homosexual, a real boarding-school afternooner, someone who eats his dinner in a restaurant, a fellow who walks down the shady side of the street. Curious Extraordinary Eccentric Wears a hat of someone else's…

  4. n late 2008 I thought Zac Efron had a weird plastic mannequin face and my mother was diagnosed with Stage IV brain cancer. Three months later, I still thought Zac Efron had a weird plastic mannequin face and my mother was dead. This isn't the cancer essay or the dead parent essay; for those, may I direct you to the rest of the internet and also to a considerable part of contemporary literature? Fuck cancer,…