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  1. I work in a nondescript multi-story county building in a university city in the United States. People have mistaken our building for everything from a hotel to a bank to a suite of medical offices. One day not long ago, we all had to attend a half-day of "Active Shooter Training" led by officers from the county sheriff's department, because -- to quote one of the officers -- the mindset we should all have is…

  2. I’ve never shot a gun, but imagine I’d be really good at it. Though I may have trouble identifying your face from a few feet away, I’m also really good at most games where you aim at a target – games that some people assume require things like “visual acuity,” “depth perception,” or even “practice.” Can I get a gun?

    I may be blind, but hold your fire. I will shark you on

  3. If I were built, I'd own guns. I'd be a hunter. I'd own a partially wooded acreage in the country. The woods would be full of animals and I'd shoot them, I'd shoot those animals with my guns for pleasure. Deer, raccoon, owl—you name it. I'd shoot anything that moved on my partially wooded acreage. If I were built, my partially wooded acreage would be a place of great tranquility. The woods would be a…