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  1. Denial: This isn't possible. Doesn't the network know who is watching this show? Don't they understand genius? This is not possible. We have to save our show. Let's start a campaign, hashtag save my show that I and tens of other people watch. Anger: Television is trash. Bargaining: Maybe Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon will resurrect the show. Depression: I will never watch television again. Thank God for books.

  2. I think remakes get a bad rap, I really do. We re-stage plays all the time, adding different time periods, costumes, and interpretations; why not movies? Movies are big complex things with many moving parts made by lots of people, why not open them up to a new take on the same material? The biggest problem modern remakes/adaptations have is hemming too close to the source material, having to hit-off a check list of "has…